About Citadel

Finding the right consultant is the most difficult part for any business. It matters the most in the high-stakes healthcare industry to ensure the long life and success of an organization. A consultant is expected to have an unfaltering work passion, an undiminished drive for excellence, hawk-eyes for effective organization and experience to tackle challenges and improve the performance and efficiency.

They act as a catalyst for the success and a value addition to an organization. Consulting is more than giving advice. It is to ensure exemplary success and credibility. This philosophy has deep roots in the vision, operation and success of Citadel Health Management & Consultancy.

Offering strategic management services by maintaining a high success rate and strong growth base, years of consulting and professional working experience with healthcare clients in the UAE and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) enables Citadel Health Management & Consultancy offer a broad spectrum of services, from professional and facility registration to planning and managing the execution of quality-driven facilities.

With exceptional expertise over a satisfactory period of time, Citadel has grown in size and stature from handling industry-specific business solutions to a 360-degree managerial support including healthcare conceptual planning, healthcare operations, business administration, financials, architectural designs and turnkey healthcare projects. Keeping innovation at the core of its business, Citadel’s multi-disciplinary team of business consultants, engineers, architects and technical staff goes all-out with dedication to fulfill your business aspirations. Our consulting teams command respect among the ranks of leading healthcare providers across the UAE and GCC given their enviable records of successfully completing a diverse range of challenging and time-specific projects both in the UAE and outside its geographical boundaries. A consultant job is not just to stick to the brief but exceed the lofty goals.

Managing Director’s Message

A dedicated healthcare consulting firm primarily offering strategic and managerial support to both established and aspiring healthcare institutions and investors, Citadel has worked its way hard and with dedication to become a leading provider of comprehensive management solutions to a diverse clientele in the region and globally. We enthusiastically lead to plan and implement healthcare projects in the UAE and GCC. We acted as a source and route for foreign investors to come to the region and fulfill their business expansions and innovative projects.

Right from the initial days, Citadel focused strategically on collaborations with the leading healthcare organizations to offer to our clients the highest quality and chart-busting results. Our undiminished efforts and determination contributed towards improving efficiencies, economies of scale and strategic decision-making for effective solutions for the steady growing list of our clientele.

What makes Citadel stands out is its objective to reduce overall costs of initial business setups and operations without compromising on excellence. A key strength of Citadel is the diverse and exemplary team of consultants who work tirelessly to make dreams into reality. As we work our ways to be the best and ultimate in healthcare management services, Citadel recommits itself to make each business endeavor highly successful and contributing its might to put a well-refined healthcare industry on a higher pedestal within UAE and globally.


The be the leading health regulatory support for our clients, fulfilling their healthcare regulatory requirements with sincerity and passion.


To ensure the success of every healthcare project by providing expert consultancy on all aspects of license processing, compliance, and development.


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Fast Track Process
  • Enthusiasm
  • Value Addition


Professional Team

Mhd. Ghanem

Co-Founder and Managing Director

A highly accomplished entrepreneur with over 15 year of experience in the international healthcare industry...

Royston Brank

Consultant - Projects

With more than 15 years of experience in healthcare industry, Royston is a highly-skilled...

M. Magdy

Projects Manager

Mohamed Magdy has a demonstrable record of leading various projects from concept...